Bottled Water Coolers

Meru Spring Drinking Water is purer than an underground mountain spring and cleaner than snow. Each and every molecule of Meru Spring goes through a complex 9 step purification and filtration process. It is sterilised using activated oxygen. No chemicals are added ensuring every drop has that same great Natural taste.

Cooler Desktop White

Cooler Floor Standing

Product Features

All products have Meru Spring Water Logo on tap, it is less expensive that what you think you can afford.

  • Keeps Meru Spring Premium Water supply completely sterile, fresh and cool
  • Optional hot water feature available with child-safe tap.
  • Stainless steel (non-plastic) reservoirs preserve the pure taste.
  • Hygienic, non-drip, easy-to-operate nano silver impregnated abs plastic and silicone taps
  • Factory set thermostats with dual fail safe temperature cut-outs
  • Innovative design and leading edge engineering
  • Environmentally friendly cooling system; no disposable plastic components
  • Free servicing to ensure optimum hygiene and performance*
  • Unique, non-reusable, hygienic sealing cap on all Meru Spring bottles

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