The importance of a clean water supply is evident everywhere. Water is essential to all living creatures. When the water supply is not clean, it is not healthy.
Since so much of our body is comprised of water (60% to 70%), it is considered by many to be our most essential nutrient. We have a personal stake in insuring clean healthy water.
We deliver pure water direct to your business or home. Our water remains rich in natural, healthful minerals from the earth. Natural fluorides in the water help make healthy bones and strong teeth. We’re confident that after just one month of bottled water service you’ll become a regular consumer like thousands of your neighbors.

Composition in mg / ltr 

  • Max. Limit mg/ltr
  • TDS 120
  • PH Value 6.5-7.5
  • Calcium 20
  • Iron 0.2
  • Chlorides 40
  • Magnesium 15
  • Sodium 4
  • Potassium 2