The source of Meru Spring® is around the
natural Mountain called Meru. Meru Spring® is
an ideal beverage for people of all ages and
walks of life. There are no additives added for
bacterial disinfections, sterilization is done by
means of ozonisation and ultra violet treatment
which breaks back to oxygen to ensure
that the sanctity of natural water is not violated,
thus preserving the aesthetic property
of the water.
At Meru Spring®, we are committed to leaving
a minimal foot print on our environment. We
have taken steps to ensure this, by investing
in modern machinery and applying the latest
techniques in our day to day operations.
Our automatic 10 stage water purification
process can handle 3000 bottles per hour. The
labeling system utilised is shrink sleeve type.
The bottle blowing unit can handle an average
of 2000 bottles per hour.
Meru Spring® Product Range comes in various
sizes from 330ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 1500ml ,
5litre, 10litre and 20litre water bottles.